Is my appointment going ahead?

afspraakNot all patients will be able to return to our hospital at the same time. We understand that you'll be wondering when your hospital appointment will be scheduled and you will be allowed to come back to the hospital. 

You'll be contacted by the outpatient clinic or your doctor, so you don't need to call yourself. Have you had a phone call or an appointment letter to tell you that you have an appointment at the hospital? If so, this means that it's been carefully considered by your doctor and it's safe to come to the hospital. We will be expecting you at the appointed date and time.

Your doctor may also want to make a video call or schedule a telephone consultation with you. All appointments with patients who do not need to be physically present in the hospital are being held remotely, either by telephone or by video call. In this way, we create more space in our hospital and avoid unnecessary crowding in our waiting rooms.

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