In the consulting and examination room

mondkapjeOur staff will be wearing protective equipment during physical examinations. They do so to protect your and their own health. This equipment could consist of a surgical mask, an apron, gloves and a face visor. This looks different but, once again: it's for everyone's safety.

Our consulting and examination rooms are deep cleaned. This means that doctors will be changing rooms several times a day to give cleaning staff a chance to clean the rooms.

Whenever possible, follow-up consultations are scheduled in the consultation/examination room. This way you don't have to go to another desk or ward. You can go home immediately after scheduling the next appointment.

If your consultation, examination or treatment is complete, please leave the hospital using the shortest walking route.

Are you expected at the hospital for surgery?

If you are admitted for surgery, the above rules of conduct also apply. You report to the information desk in the middle of the Serrehal. From there you will be escorted to the ward where you will be admitted.

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